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'I have come to feel great affection for the peoples of the world, because they have always been so welcoming to me, whether as a bodybuilder, a movie star, a private citizen, or as governor of the great state of California.'
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Really?? He made 'pumping iron' popular!! He inspired a GENERATION of kids to get out and get fit!! His story.. In many respects - is just as awesome as his carreer!! Coming from Austria - he used what he had.. MUSCLES (mus-kles), to shape his path into... Not 'just' an A-list actor - but to carve for himself a political trail. Safe to say that, Arnie, (as he is affectionately called by friends & fans), went as far as 'staying power' goes in success - and needless to say - is faaar from finished! From his dynasty 'Terminator'... He turned in to a MECCA brand - & rode the smooth ride into the shore of success and conquered Hollywood's highest shit hill!!

One of my favorite quotes by Arnold??... "The best activities for your health are pumping and humping." Haha!!  ​​

He was born Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, on July 30, 1947, in Thal, Styria, Austria.. (they are ABSolutely proud of that!!)  You could rightly say that he 'popped' out & hit the ground running with fitness in mind. The order would be as follows.. FITNESS-MUSCLES-FITNESS-MUSCLES-FITNESS-MUSCLES.. REPEAT!! By the time he was 15? He was into SERIOUS weight training! I'm talking eating, drinking, sleepies, & LIVING weight training! Well?? Prolly 'drinking', protein shakes - mmbutandas for the rest.. 100% muscles baby.. 100% o-the-time!! ALL muscles! He said 'I saw very early in life that weightlifting was my ticket to ride!' & indeed it was!

Growing up in Austria?  He lived here.. Which has 'now' been made into a museum (sign on the house?)... Arnold's room growing up??  KitchenLiving?​​

At the age of 19... He made his way to the U-S-of-A... A head FULL of dreams.. BOUND and READY to show the result of years of weightlifting!! Needless to say?? It paid off! At age 20 - he won his 1st contest.. That being reigning champeen of Mr. Universe. Twas a title that he wore very well!! He would go on to win several local bodybuilding contests in Los Angeles.. Then onto Mr. Olympia.. Then again.. Then again.. & guess what?? AGAAIN! In all - winning seven Mr. Olympia contests. In fact - Arnie went on to win EVERY contest he participated in. So much so - that it attained major disdain from the sore losers (urhm I mean competitors) to see him in the line of participants.

With the amazing pomp & noteriety.. He produced his own film quaintly called - 'Pumping Iron.' A very cool introspective on weightlifting in general. He made it entertaining for all.. Not just bodybuilders. I own my very own copy - which he was kind enough to sign.

With a rapid succession of noteriety, & fastly growing.. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood decided to cash in on a very shiney dime! Arnold's silver-screen debut came the smash hit - 'Conan the Barbarian.' It was a raving ravishing success!! Conan was followed by what many consider to be Arnold's signature film, 'Terminator'.. Spawning the now famed cliche line, 'I'll Be Back!' His WIDE SWARTHING resume can be found here!

In the early 90's.. Arnold joined forces (by endorsement) (& idea of Bryan Kestner) with Keith Barish (primary backer), & endorsed by fellow legends, Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, (and later) Jean Claude Van Damm, and Whoooopi - to open a chain of resturants called 'Planet Hollywood.' Now defunked... The stars came out with each new opening... Some televised. The resturant featured GREAT food spawned from family recipes, handed down thru the years. It FASTLY became a favorite for me!! Especially the ATLanta locale. The Planet Hollywood story is a saaad.. SAAD one!! I'll be doing a 'Planet Hollywood' story VERY VERY soon!! MmMBut now? BAAACK to Arnie -

At the current? He lives here.. Star is here.. Wanna take a gander at Arnie in wax?? Mmkayy then! House 2, and 3 ..
In 2003 - Arnie was elected (on the Republican ticket), as Governer of the great state of Cali.. Replacing the defunked then current Governer, Gray Davis... OFFICIALLY earning the title 'The Governator.' He served out the remainder of Gray's term & was reelected by a landslide margin as Governer in 2006. Merchandise was/is still rampant.

As of current - he host the 'former' show of our President Donald Trump. Tacky is as tacky does - President Trump called for prayers for the ratings of the show (which had slightly dropped since Arnie taking the reins.) To which Arnie responded in a first class (as always) way!

Arnold has proved time and again... His staying power - & has remained active in bodybuilding.. Not as a participant but as a volunteer & consultant... & can still be spotted at bodybuilding events (especially in Cali.) He continues in film and TV (currently as host of Celebrity Apprenticeon NBC. Enjoying the success - and really?? He should be!! He has certainly earned it & DEFINATLY become a TRUE Hollywood Legend!! FoSho'Nuff!!