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Hmmm... let me sees how I can shore up this firm fact!!  In England, if you are born into the Royal family - you are done, son!  Go play!!  Now on the same tokens flipside - If your born into the Barrymore family??  Your AUTOMATICALLY deemed a legend.  No need to work for it!  See?

​​AHH,,,, The Barrymore's... In terms of ROYALTY in Hollywood, or the film industry in general... Wait - uhmm.. lets just say.. as entertainment goes - THIS is THE FAMILY!!  Drew is the Barrymore of my gen and - well - umuhlemmeseehurr - well? My first crush - yeahhhh there we goo! haha.  I love Drew - ALWAYS have.  The Barrymore family has always fascinated me!!  Not much I don't know about the family - and in grade school - EVERY report I did was on them, so by the end of the school year... there wasn't much that my teacher and classmates knew about them at all!  There is a reason to their royalty in entertainment stats.... & we'll get to that - mmbut first I don't wanna be accused of being rude so... the INTRODUCTIONS fosho!