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YOU - my readers - have the great right to request accuracy of any story!!  I don't post it (I KNOW!)... I USED TO... But - in truth - it made my pages look shatty... ALOTT of stuff in here (I've studied Hollywood since elementary school.  I wrote a TON of book-reports in school on subjects of this website's pages.... I have to know it was credible, & I remember reading it - but it was so long ago -- who knows?? - all-my-life with some stuff wiki - some stuff encyclopedia - library (books about subjects) -

I HAVE ALWAYS been proud of the fact that EVERYTHING in these stories... is to the best of my knowledge - fully true and accurate.  I HAVE gotten it wrong before.. I accepted that!  And THAT said - I CAN say that - if you in fact, DO have a dispute - PLEASE have proof.  As I said - I strive ALWAYS on being accurate - dead ON BALLS accurate... (In moral scruples​)...