Hmmm... let me sees how I can shore up this firm fact!!  In England, if you are born into the Royal family - you are done, son!  Go play!!  Now on the same tokens flipside - If your born into the Barrymore family??  Your AUTOMATICALLY deemed a legend.  No need to work for it!  See?

​​AHH,,,, The Barrymore's... In terms of ROYALTY in Hollywood, or the film industry in general... Wait - uhmm.. lets just say.. as entertainment goes - THIS is THE FAMILY!!  Drew is the Barrymore of my gen and - well - umuhlemmeseehurr - well? My first crush - yeahhhh there we goo! haha.  I love Drew - ALWAYS have.  The Barrymore family has always fascinated me!!  Not much I don't know about the family - and in grade school - EVERY report I did was on them, so by the end of the school year... there wasn't much that my teacher and classmates knew about them at all!  There is a reason to their royalty in entertainment stats.... & we'll get to that - mmbut first I don't wanna be accused of being rude so... the INTRODUCTIONS fosho!

If I were to go ALLL the way back naming all the Barrymore's that were entertainers??.. I would eventually land myself into the days of Myan.. It's ALOTTA research, (TRUST me), but to save time & my fingers some typing here - we'll just say UNCONFIRMED..  You could well say that the Barrymore family invented performing!  Waaay back in a day where folks main source of entertainment, was throwing a prisoner into a hole with a lion to see how long it would take Mr. Lion to devour Mr. prisoner... The Barrymore's began traveling & performing.. Giving folks a refreshing change of entertainment.. Not to mention a 'cleaner' one, fosho'll!!   This form of entertainment caught on like a brushfire and evolved over MAAANY a year.. into vaudeville.. into motion pictures.. bada bing bada boom - here we are today with the BEAUTIFUL Drew Barrymore now repping the family.  I wholeheartedly admit.. Whenever I see Drew doing an interview.. I ALWAYS listen intently to see if she mentions her family.. Or even being in the entertainment royalty line... ANYTHING along those lines.. But she NEVER mentions it at all!!  So modest!!  Thanks to the miracle of YouTube - I think I have seen (prolly) EVERY interview Drew has ever done.  This family (I believe), is brought UP to entertain!! PERIOD!!  They are born with it in their blood and to entertain by instinct. In the Barrymore family.. If your asked to entertain - you DO it!!  In Sir Charlie Chaplin's biography.. He speaks of one occasion where he was attending a party that John Barrymore was also at..  John was visibly sick as a dog..  When a group asked him to entertain??  Without batting an eye.. He took to it doing just 'that'!!  Each break/intermission throwing up on the other side of the stage.  Dedicated is an understatement when it comes to Barrymore's & entertainment.. 

​​I hope I've shored up (in a nutshell), the incredible & important legacy this great family holds in the name of entertainment.. Thus now to begin the stories of FOUR Barrymore's story..  Lionel, Ethel, John, & of course Drew Barrymore!!  I encourage you to look further into the Barrymore family history - it is in itself, EXTRORDINARY!!

Lionel Herbert Blythe Barrymore, was born ​​April 28, 1878, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..  Would you believe??;) The son of 'actors' Georgiana Drew Barrymore and Maurice Barrymore..  There is a plaque marker in Philly - marking the spot where entertainment royalty once lived.. here is a cool page on the marker.  Anyhoo -

There's something liberating about not pretending. Dare to embarrass yourself. Risk!  ~ Drew Barrymore