Everyone knows that when it comes to filmmaking - Chaplin isn't just a name, he was/is a definition in filmmaking!!  

He was ALSO a peacemaker & humanitarian.  Looking for ways whenever possible, to help others, & challenging others to step up and help their fellow man.  The famous speech in 'The Great Dictator', was not just lines written for a funny movie .. he was really addressing the audience!  The words from that speech .."We think too much & feel too little.  More than machinery, we need humanity.  More than cleverness, we need kindness & gentleness.  Without these qualities .. life will be violent and all will be lost!"  Even today these words resonate more than ever!  In a world where the economy is horrible .. and whole families are suffering.  Forget gifts .. some children will be blessed just to have a warm place to stay .. and the more fortunate will have a nice meal to eat.  It's heartbreaking, but a true cruel reality for some.  If each one of us could spread the peace and step up .. even for one day - it could mean the world to those less fortunate.  So here is the challenge to you ..

Since Charlie passed away on Christmas .. what better way to remember him than to volunteer in your community on Christmas day!!  There are so many ways to do this.  Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, at a nursing home (many elderly do not have a family at Christmas.  I can attest from experience, this means the world to the elderly recipient, as you will note in their eyes.  Just pick a nursing home from your phone book.  The nurses there can always match you up to someone.  You need only 30 minutes to make someones day brighter), purchase blankets or heaters and give them to your local homeless shelter, buy gifts (not big gifts) and take them to distribute at a shelter, or even find a homeless on your local streets and give them some extra change.  Small things make a HUGE difference.  For doing this??  Hollywood Legends.net has secured quite a few 'doing good' Chaplin t-shirts & mugs to distribute free, to those who take part.  If you would like a t-shirt or mug - heres what you need to do ..

Whatever organization you take part in helping .. let them know that your doing it in rememberance of Charlie Chaplin, and then take a couple snapshots of yourself doing good.  Then let us know which organization you helped.  That's it! 

Let's get out .. do good .. and make a difference in the world!!  It's a GREAT way to remember a legend who gave us so much through his life.  Remember .. change starts with you! 

Also .. on Christmas day - there will be three candlelight vigils in memory of Charlie.  We will also virtually visit his grave and leave virtual flowers!  Space is limited .. RSVP today!!

For questions or for more info or to RSVP .. please contact.   Thanks so much!!  

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles.  A day without laughter is a day wasted!
 ~Charlie Chaplin

This is my favorite montage.  It is set to 'Smile,' by Michael Jackson.  I prefer Nat King Cole's version .. but the message screams in this version!! Verry well done!!
Chaplin films from 1918 onwards and images from those films Copyright (c) Roy Export S.A.S.  

APRIL 17, 1892 - DECEMBER 25th, 1977