Remember Freddy Kruger??  Scared the CRRAP outta me as a kid!!  This guy is probably THE most unlikely of people to be a horror master.. MmBut ey??  Here we are!!  He is referred to as, 'the Maestro of Horror' (affectionately, o'course).. & in the 80's & early 90s - his crown glory days had cometh!!  Solidifying him as a bonefied TRUE Hollywood Legend!!  I was/still am.. A HUGE fan!!  I've (kinda maybe sorta more or less) rooted for the villain.. As a kid more than now..  I LOVED FRED KRUGER!!  Even though he scared the shat outta me - I couldn't resist watching on HBO (whom was ALL over it) in the 80s.  I think everyone enjoyed his wit mix with sarcasm & animated attitude.. I think 'THAT' is what set Freddy apart from other ghouls.  My friend, Bobby Morrison, growing up was more a fan of Jason Vorhees & Michael Myers - but we'd always get into these debates over who'd win in a fight between Freddy & 'Jason'.. So when they finally did a film on it??? (Spoiler alert) I was disappointed with the ending.. To say the least!!  GREAT film though!!  VERRY nice opening!!  Indeed!