[in 1985] I'd like to produce, direct, write, score, and star in a film in exactly the way [Charles Chaplin] did. I'll do that before I'm thirty...  He didn't quite make it - but 'twas a GREAT goal to have fosho'nuff! 

I can't remember the first time I saw Eddie... mmbut if I hadda guess - 'twas with his 80s concert... 'Eddie Murphy Raw.'  He's one of them that indeed, has just kinda always been there to me.  From 48 Hrs., The Golden Child, Bev Hills Cop... HARLEM NIGHTS!  Amongst my ALL time faves!  I remember pretending I 'was' him as a kid.  Tying a rope to the bar in my closet... Re-enacting the scenes from Beverly Hills Cop - where he is bouncing around in the back of the cigarette truck.  COOOLNESS!  FOSHO!  I hadda a camera rolling... Problem??  Twas the imaginary camera in my head.  Trust me - it was a BEAUT of a re-enactment!  According to Wiki - as of 2014... films featuring Eddie had grossed over $3.8 billion (with a B) - JUST in the U.S. & Canada.  $6.6​​​ billion (with a B) - worldwide!  Not too shabby.  I don't use this term a lot or loosely by ANY means... But Eddie is a GENIUS!  His talent is BURSTING at the SEAMS!  Some would argue EXPLODING and they'd be right! 

Beyond the screen?  WARNING!!  Your liable to see Eddie ANYTIME and/or ANYWHERE...​​

Though he is pretty good with the paps most of the time... Sometimes - you just wanna be LEFT ALONE man!! Here's a tip to the paps... Get your shot - then move along, son!  I just don't blame Eddie for getting a tad upset here!!​
"I know what I'm capable of doing and what I'm capable of not doing. To be perfectly honest, I'm a little afraid of doing a straight dramatic film. I'm not saying I couldn't do it. I'm saying I'm afraid to. Everyone is afraid of failure."
Eddie holds his cool better than I could have.  He wanted a coffee and couldn't even get it in the end.  DUDE!  You have a living to earn too - but get the shot and move along!!  Don't hound and crowd the person!!  As we found out here... it's not JUST celebrities that don't like having a camera shoved in their face!!​  If it were me... I'd have ran the guy over on purpose.  Eddie holds his cool though.  Sometimes I really feel for the on-screen talent.  I am an editor - so I get the benefits without the fame.   Paps - need to just back off a little!  Eddie (from everything I have seen) is always cordial to those who don't overdue it & fans.. ALWAYS friendly.  Just for the gits and shiggles of it - normal folk don't exactly  take paps none too well either... have a look... 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Just don't overdue it!!  Period!  Eddie is SUPER DUPER & a great family guy!

With that?  This...

Edward (Eddie) Reagan Murphy
- was born in Brooklyn, New York... Living here, in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.. For the first years of life.  Eddie's childhood was tumultuous - with bits of happiness along the way.  From the worlds POV... Looking in on his childhood - one would have thought there would NEVER be a comedian in Eddie.  By the time he was 8 - his father was dead, & his mom ill.  Those 2 facts saw Eddie and his elder brother Charlie, into foster care.   Although he only spent one year in foster care - Eddie would later credit 'it' for his great sense of humor.  After a year in foster care... Eddie's mother had recovered & recouped.  She also had a new beau!  Thus - with his release from foster care - Eddie and his brother, Charlie, were in 'new beginnings.' Being raised with mom and stepdad in Roosevelt, NY.  By the tender age of 15, Eddie was writing his own comedy material inspired mostly by Bill Cosby and legend Richard Pryor.  His comedy in general - skewered Italian-Americans, African-Americans, white supremacists, gays, and fat people.  Basically - comedy in the form that... Before Eddie - wasn't touched by other comedians.  Thus, Eddie opened the door for many other comedians to do their thing, no holds barred!  Once Eddie officially started playing the circuit... He was picked up fairly quickly.  He auditioned and landed on SNL on NBC, in the early 80s.  Here, he created many memorable, iconic, now-classic charactors... Gumby, Mr. Robinson (a poke at & modeled after Mr. Rogers), & Buckwheat (prolly Eddie's most requested character on SNL.  It was requested SO much in fact that Eddie had the character assassinated on SNL in 30 Rock Plaza in NY)...  Sheer BRILLIANCE!  While doing SNL - Eddie nabbed a deal for a comedy album.  The result?  Delerious!  A smash hit!  Because of the success of that - Eddie was tabbed to do another stand-up comedy & it was to have a theatrical release... The result of that was Eddie Murphy RAW.  Aand wouldn't ya JUST KNOW IT??  That too - was a SMASH success!  To say that Eddie was soaring with the eagles was an understatement... No, more approse - would be to say he was rising like a NASA rocket!!  There was NO doubt he was a star... Now was about letting him SHINE! 

His film debut, was with 48 Hrs... Alongside legend Nick Nolte.  ​​From there - 'Trading Places',' Bev Hills Cop', 'The Golden Child', Coming to America 'whaddyOUU know from funny, yah bastaad', n more, n more, & MORE!!!  With the release of 48 Hrs. - Nick Nolte, who was billed top spot in the film - was 'due' to host SNL - but came down with the ooie gooies and cancelled last minute.  So the - then-SNL cast member & 48 Hrs co-star.. Eddie hosted.  The first time ever (and sense) that a regular on the cast of SNL, hosted too!  Cool stuff!!

Currently, he lives here!!  Has lived beyond tha gates (folla-ed by CHER) (aerial?)  Has a star, as well!​​  Waxed up?? WellYeah!

With all his success - Eddie could easily sit back and enjoy it - but he is still going STRONG!  With talent like Eddie's - it's only bound to continue!!​​
Remember the film, 'Daddy Day Care??  Here's the house from that film.