In the 30's, a scandal took place in America that had many pegged as communists.  In the 40's, that list surfaced, and it would rock the hills of Hollywood with dismay, disbelief, ... and have Hollywood, fighting mad!!  All said and done - the list would produce false allegations and forever distroy the carrers of those that were falsely accused, and turning a staunch conservative Hollywood .. into a dark blue liberal Hollywood!

The 1930's in Hollywood were a flourishing time!!  Hollywood had broken the barrier of silents, and talking films were in full effect.  MGM was set to introduce a new phenomena that would allow moviegoers to see their flicks in vibrant colors, rather than the usual black and white.  Signs of revolutionary changes were happening.  Hollywood had real reason to celebrate, and they were!  Lavish parties were in full effect.  The biggest and brightest stars were there in full form .. looking their best in pressed suits and truely enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Little did they know that they were about to be caught up in a firestorm of scandal, and deceit, through the tricks of a new special intrest group called The American Communist Party!!