From the 'Rocky' franchise... came riches he couldn't have 'POSSIBLY' imagined.. He's come a LONG way - from his days as a thug in Woody Allen's 'Bananas.' He has literally went from this - to THIS!! When you gotta ride like 'that' - the 'obvious' is inevitable. Once in Miami (when he had a home there), a friend of mine attempted to enter the gated community he lived in - telling the security guard "Sly told me to come on by anytime!" To which the security guard said, "Well? Sly told me if you showed up - to point you in the exit direction." I thought twas a great attempt to get a shot of his home - but a failer nonetheless. Due to bitchy neighbors - he vacated Miami, however, & thanks to reality - we get these fabulous photos.. Indeed proving that Sly, gats some class!!

​He lives here, in this Malibu, Cali 'BEAST!' of a house. Annd as we can gander? Just a stroll to the mailbox can be entertainment for us!! Why, YES, that IS Speedos thurr!! #mailboxfashion?? Hmmpph! If 'THAT' wasn't entertaining enough fo yah?? Just stick around for the encore! Frank Stallone, 'Sly's bro,' will step out in his best giving you some eye-POPPING sultry candy. See?? Entertainment ABOUNDS in the driveway of the Stallone household! #goSPEEDOorGOhome... Is the theme hurr!

With THAT??? Urmm - here we gooo ...

Sly? Balboa? Rocky? Rambo? Hawks? Italian Stallion? SYLVESTER STALLONE was born (are you ready for this??) Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone - on July 6, 1946, in Manhattan, New York (more specifically, Hell's Kitchen). His father had immigrated here from Italy in the 30s. His momma was a bit of 'whatever' '(she gat yah covered!)'MMmmBut if we HAVE to put a label on it - beautician/hairdresser, women's wrestling promoter, former dancer... & dabbles as a 'fortune teller,' for side work.. I told yah - 'whatever!'  MmBut apparently - all them ingredients are needed to produce & distribute... 'a Sly!'  As a side note - who wouldn't wanna get their future told to them by the 'momma of Sly?' I'm jusss' SAYIN' is all!
Sly's 'trademark' face is comps of the delivery doc. When Sly was being maneuvered into the world.. The doc delivering baby Sly.. Due to complications of pregnancy - was forced to use 2 pairs of forceps during his birth. Misuse of them accidentally severed a nerve & caused paralysis in parts of Sly's face. Sooooo... Ummmm... Thanks doc! The face of mega-millions all 'cause the doc used forceps... His fuckup? Well? It caused the lower left side of Sly's face - Including chin, lip (famous in ANY sketch), & tongue. So it gives Sly his 'snarler' look and a bit of a slurred speech.. The face of an ACTION HERO! FoSho'Nuff!
Sly was baptized Catholic..
Raised Catholic..
Point of converting to New Age?? Unknown!!
At the age of 4 - Sly was diagnosed as a flat-foot, thus, his mom enrolled him in tap-dancing school.. (What i'd give for video of THAT!)  When Sly was 6 - the family moved to Maryland, living here for 10 years.. musta been good memories there - Sly re-visited the place a few years back. After there, the fam moved to Philadelphia.

He attended Notre Dame Academy, & Lincoln High, in Philadelphia (eyyyy Adrian!! That's where Rocky's from, okayy??!!) There he played football.. He would finish out high school in Charlotte Hall Military Academy.

For college? He headed south to Miami-Dade College & University of Miami... Alba Kum Lada HaKunahmatada!!! FoSho!!

Sly's 'big-break' in the industry?? Came via disparity (more or less).. After being evicted & finding himself homeless for a couple days.. & sleeping in the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC... He saw an ad for a casting call. He applied.. And not long after?? 'The Party at Kitty & Stud's, (a porn) was made into reality. OF COURSE - cut to a few years later and the company who made the film... Changed the name to 'Italian Stallion', pulling from and 'benefiting' from Sly's newfound success. Sales of the porn rose faster than Sly's peter! (Tasteless joke, but I couldn't resist!!) Because after all... Who doesn't wanna see Rocky pound outside the freezer & outside-o-the-rang! (In the bedroom!! Mmmhmm! Sly said 'it was out of DISPAIRITY.. he did the porn... & that 'it was either THAT or rob someone.' The meat pounding gig (AGAAIN - I couldn't resist lol) paid $200 smackers CASH for 2 days.

As for his professional screen debut (non-porn).. In 1968 - Sly found himself in Switzerland (as you DO from time to time) ... & found himself cast in a Hollywood budgeted film alongside Robert Redford, for the sports flick, "Downhill Racer." His first few roles were minor (some uncredited.) One of the minor roles gives us a window to what Sly would become.. In Woody Allen's 'Bananas.' Sly played a street thug.. & if you saw the film - Sly was the ONE character you remembered!! He dominated in the supportive role. As a thug - he was KING thug!! Between 1970-1975 - his roles generally increased, & he was in some LEGENDARY films.. The Lords of Flatbush, Capone, & Kojak. While the minor roles were happening - Sly was working on something 'BIG!' A script in where a down on his luck joe named Balboa.. becomes a world boxing champ... In 1975 - the script was writ! He had also made some golden connections at MGM. Out of this?? Came the 'Rocky' franchise. The rest?? Well?? It is the history we all are SO familiar with.

Sly will always be known 'BEST', for his 'Rocky' roles... But there were SOO many others as well - solidifying Sly as a true LEGEND! His full impressive resume can be found here. One last thing?? Remember when we all found out 'Balboa' could do 'COUNTRY???' It was the moment 'I KNEW' that Sly could do ANNYTHING!!

[insert ALLL the cliques here - so we can get em outta the way] ​

Balboa, Rocky, Rambo... Immediately come to mind when thinking of Sylvester Stallone.. (aka SLY).. Though most comix make him out to be a bumbling boxer... When it comes to Sly?? The brains match the brawn. It's ALLL a business - and when Stallone does a film?? EVERYTHING (& uh mean EVERYTHING), is approved by Sly himself - right down to the music. Just ask my buddy Kale - who has worked on 2 films with Sly. The musical group, Survivor, will 'quickly' tell you that Sly is the reason for their success. ​

Let's face it - if you grew up in the 80s... You have a forever image of Sly burned into your mind. Not 'just' from the 'Rocky' trilogy.. Or Rambo series.. Who can forget him as a trucker/arm wrestler, in the GREAT film, 'Over the Top!!! With Sly?? It's more than 'just' talent that makes him legend. His business sense is INCREDIBLE!! INCREeeeeeDIBLE!!!