you have seen him on nearly every film MGM has produced...he has become a symbol of MGM, and an icon in the hearts of many.
is the symbol, and the gateway to tisel town.  But in it's history..it defines the city whos name it bears. Click here for more!
a common saying states...“to visit Los Angeles and not see the Chinese heater..is like visiting China and not seeing the Great Wall.  The theater that stands as a leagend in tinsel town.
as famous as the biggest names written on it..the Star Walk is it's own legend in Hollywood.  Click to learn ​the history of this mecca.
At Hollywoodlegends.net..I truely believe pictures are important to tell each story here.  Thus, at the end of each story..you are given the opportunity to click a link to see the said persons grave and leave your respects.  Find a grave isn't just about celebs .. ANYONE with a grave can have a spot there.  Who knows .. maybe one of your loved ones grave is there ..I am a proud volunteer for Find A Grave!
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Out of every film I've ever done.. this one, this interview with Cass Warner Sperling was the most important film of my life.  She's the granddaughter of Harry (the eldest bro) Warner.  Raw and powerful!!  Aand you never know?  You may just find YOUR dream!!
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